Empty Staircases (2012)

by Red Alder

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written & recorded from february 2011 to april 2012
i put my soul into this album and i am so proud of what i have created and i can only hope that others appreciate it as well. this is the final red alder release. after this there will be no more new music from red alder. the red alder discography will remain online but nothing new will ever be produced.

soundcloud stream: soundcloud.com/cardoons/sets/red-alder-empty-staircases

listen & download for free. all donations will go directly toward funding the eventual red alder live show & any future projects.


released September 17, 2012

all sounds by kelsie brown
album art via www.flickr.com/photos/technicolor_user



all rights reserved


Red Alder Seattle, Washington

booking/press/etc: redaldermusic@gmail.com

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Track Name: Winterdress
i used to breathe a little less
i used to think a little less
and my dreams would keep me awake at night
the clouds are never leaving, and my bones are cold
the rain is never ending, and my bones are cold
Track Name: Release
as the morning arose my vision blurred
my life unfolded before me
the universe showed its shape
life and death were one
mysteries no more for the crying whispers stopped
that was seasons ago
now death is near
sitting next to me, stroking my long dull brown hair
chilling each breath that escapes from my lungs
and i am still here
and i am still here
Track Name: An Apology
i know i hurt you
i know you don't understand the calls of the winter
you don't know at all
Track Name: Acid Eyes
bitter winds creep onto my skin
where darkness is overbearing
i am sitting standing kneeling i can't tell where i am
i'm somewhere else
i went to where the colors end
and i always end up next to you at night
throw acid in my eyes and maybe i can see
turn my brain inside out so that i can be someone else

(he came to me and i wept for the days when my tongue wasn’t tied and i could whisper the words he wanted to hear and the words didn’t kill me because i knew how to breathe and how to hold on and how to reach the moon with my hands.
he came to me and memories flooded back of never-ending sun and walking didn’t hurt and my feet weren’t sore and i could stay standing because i was better then i was newer then and i didn’t know yet the creatures of the deep.
he came to me and i let go of all that i had learned in those years and i became a child and his hands were still as soft as ever and he touched me he touched me because i was wounded and he had to rescue me.
i went to him and the sky went dark and i threw myself into the air because i knew he would catch me)
Track Name: Footprints
the salty sea air stung our eyes and caused us to lie
we lost it all we lost it all
the sea can't rescue us anymore
it's already too late
you're already gone
i want it back
i want to return to that place, that state
live again breathe again die again
live again breathe again die again
we lost it all
we lost it all
Track Name: Circles
i think a thought
it comes and goes
and reappears
and the rest follow
Track Name: Premonition
you said that we could stay apart or we could stay forever
you said forever
Track Name: Supernova
cover me
burn me
'cause the stars won't shine forever

cover me
burn me
in the sun
will the stars shine forever?
the stars won't shine forever
Track Name: First Dance
can i take you somewhere?
take a walk downtown
hold my hand
put your trust in me
shut your eyes
shut your eyes