HYPER VERTICAL - 2012 demos

by Red Alder

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here are 11 older tracks & demos. it's very simple and lo-fi and not meant to be a structured, cohesive album. these songs show a more "song-y" side of my music, one that i feel hasn't really been represented until now. because these songs are so raw & unedited i chose to include the lyrics. some of these were written as early as 2005. enjoy
~ kelsie


released July 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Red Alder Seattle, Washington

booking/press/etc: redaldermusic@gmail.com

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Track Name: Prelude
ghosts are coming to take me away from your arms
how do i stop them
how do i keep holding on when my fingers turn to dust
my dreams have been claimed by you
i used to know so much more then you took it all away
i don't know the rivers or the sand or a soft-spoken voice that comforts me
but i don't want to let go
Track Name: Pockets
in the darkened morning you came to me pockets full of honey, pockets full of hope
i dreamt we were together you held on me so tightly carry to the water carry me away
dance in the clouds with me dance in my dreams dance in the clouds with me honey please
please please please stay with me stay with me stay with me 'til you go and leave me here
Track Name: Tonight
sometimes i dream of sleep
tonight i need it
tonight i dream
the waves tempt me
the arms of sleep reach out
so they can pull me under
but i stay
i can't go
Track Name: So Gracefully
the tide comes in so gracefully before the setting sun paints the sky with red and gold
no one sees it; no one dares to watch the sea
for they concern themselves with other things like taller buildings that tower over me

meadow birds sing so gracefully in fields of unmowed grass that cover earth with soft layers
no one sees it; no one dares to touch the grass
for they concern themselves with other things like captive elephants that cry out to me

maybe they know things that i don't
maybe i don't know how to see
but i know what difference it makes
and it means more than you'd think
Track Name: I Prefer The Breeze To The Sun
i prefer the forest to the sun, and the forest to the sea
i am not like other girls - i don't know how to swim
i don't believe in the stars or memories of you and me
i don't want to remember - is that really so strange?

i'd rather bathe in spiderwebs than run with rattlesnakes
because i'm not like you - i don't know the indoors
there is so much i don't know
i don't know how to tell you there's so much i don't know
Track Name: Two
i can't see you anymore
i can't breathe you anymore
you said we could last forever
oh those wonderful wonderful days
oh i wish we could be better
not together but happier

you changed me don't you know
you turned me into this girl that i can't stand
now i'm just the same as you
and i still want to remember
because we were two
we were two
Track Name: Methods
i have these coping methods that i know i shouldn't do
but you're the one who taught me these things
forgive me i can't follow you
i don't want to know my future
i don't want to know where i'll go
forever's too long to stay here it's too long to stay alone

i understand your innuendo
so stop asking me if i'll say yes
i'll say yes if you ask me again
i'll say yes